About Jasmine and Brkn H-Art

Throughout the Sacramento region, Brkn H-Art is teaching classes and conducting live pours at community events to showcase a painting technique called acrylic pouring.

The heart and soul of Brkn H-Art is Jasmine. She’s a mixed media arts teacher, and sharing the art of acrylic pouring with others is her passion. She regularly teaches classes at Verge Center of the Arts in Sacramento, as well as senior living facilities and children’s enrichment programs in the area. When she’s not teaching or creating, Jasmine enjoys gardening, hanging out with her kids, and hunting for new-to-her records.

Acrylic pouring can be done by just about anybody. No artistic ability is required, and we’ve taught classes with participants as young as 4 and as young-at-heart as 96. This technique is a calm, therapeutic activity that allows an individual’s creativity to flow freely (pun intended). When you take a class with us, you’ll come away with a truly unique piece of art!

Taking an acrylic pouring class with Brkn H-Art is a one-of-a-kind experience that can be adapted for any occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, bridal showers, corporate team building, small group classes.. You name it! Brkn H-Art also enjoys participating in local events by doing live pours. A live pour provides event-goers with the opportunity to watch Jasmine create a piece in person and to try out a little acrylic pouring for themselves.