Custom Moon Cycle Kits

Brkn H-Art offers Moon Cycle Kits customized to the cycle you are working with. Everything is hand-picked to help with your ritual.

Moon Cycles:

  • Full Moon- Release
  • New Moon- New Intentions
  • Waxing- Commitment to Intentions
  • Waning- Rest and Reflection

Custom kits designed for your zodiac sign available on request.

Deluxe Kit | $55

Our deluxe kits include one large crystal, three small crystals, one candle with holder, one sage bundle, one essential oil blend roller, and one matching bath soak.

Basic Kit | $35

Our basic kits include two small crystals, one candle with holder, and one essential oil blend roller.

A La Carte

Bath Soak | $12 Essential Oil Blend Roller: $8

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