Pour Over Pots

With summer in full swing, I am thrilled to have so many amazing things on the calendar for BRKN H-ART!

Different seasons always bring different inspiration for all kinds of projects, and this summer has been no different.  I think the concept I am most excited about sharing with all of you is one that combines two of my passions, planting and pouring. I will be teaching a “Pour Over Pots” class, where I will show you how to paint your own pot using the acrylic pour method, and we will use those same pots to plant beautiful succulents!

Succulents are fabulous plants for families, children, and those who do not have a green thumb whatsoever.  They require very little attention, and come in a large variety of sizes, shapes and colors.  They are just as personalized as the pots we will be creating!

Go here for all the details, mark your calendars, and invite your friends!  It is the perfect opportunity for a special date, a girls afternoon out, or even a much needed date with yourself!

I look forward to pouring and planting with you.